Post midnight snacks in Navi Mumbai

Navi Mumbai, one of the most organised cities is not just a visual treat during the day, it turns into one of the best hangout places post midnight. There are some really cool places open till the middle of the night to satiate those weird hour hunger pangs.


Khayabusa serves American-Italian-Indian fusion menu. Where you want a quick bite, or something more fulfilling, there is something for everyone.


Specials: Crispy mushrooms, biryani, burgers, and hot dogs
Landmark: Shah Complex 2, Sector 13, Sanpada

Bhurji Pav at Sector 17

The anda bhurji stalls here are some of the cheapest street food options at just Rs 25, and provide you the comfort of a full night meal.


Specials: Anda Bhurji Pav
Landmark: Sector 17, opposite Dominos, Vashi

Utsav Chowk stalls

This place is the hub for all nocturnal people. Be it momos, shawarmas, rolls, dosas, pav bhaji, and tawa pulav – nothing is disappointing.


Specials: Momos and rolls
Landmark: Utsav Chowk, Kharghar

The Ahmed Bhai Lane

This place is like the Bademiya (famous late night joint in Mumbai) for Navi Mumbai. Kebabs, rolls, seekhs, tikkas, tandooris, anda rotis, khichdas, tilli, bheja — there are lots of options available. One of the best lighted areas of Navi Mumbai, the lane springs into life in the late evenings.


Specials: Tikkas, seekh kebabs, anda roti
Landmark: Lane outside Ahmed Bhai’s bry and dry, Nerul

Kachchi dabeli at Vashi Station

If you are looking for something satisfying and fulfilling after a long day at work, get off at Vashi station and look for this spicy anardaana bhaaji served in buttery pav. You can also try dabeli, which is just as good.


Specials: Kacchi dabeli and Chinese bhel
Landmark: Outside Vashi station, right opposite KTM Showroom

Gupta Ice-Creams

In business for the past 10 years, Gupta Ji’s ice cream is a favourite among Navi Mumbaikar. It offers signature faloodas and dry fruit milkshakes for late night sugar cravings.


Specials: Falooda ice creams, cassata, matka kulfi, and frankies
Landmark: Mahavir Niwas, Sector 21, Nerul and Sector-29, Vashi

Content and Image Courtesy: Arshee Shaikh