Street Food Stalls to check out in Versova

Famous Sharda Tea House

Street food isn’t really street food unless it includes the tea that is sold at every nook and corner of the city. Head over to Sharda Tea House if you are anywhere around in Versova. Ask for the special cutting chai which comes for just Rs. 6. You can grab some biscuits also along with the tea.

1Cutting chai

Recommendation: Special cutting tea
Timing: 5.30 am to 9 pm
Location: Seven Bungalows Road, Near Versova Metro

Maa Saraswati Fast Food Centre

Who can imagine to get dhokla pav, bhajia pav, jalebi, gulab jamun and vada pav at just one place? Well, Maa Saraswati Centre Fast Food Centre has it all and at the best prices. You might not have eaten a dhokla pav yet, but it is delicious and just for Rs. 20. If you are craving for some sweet dish then you can either have gulab jamun (Rs. 15 for 2 pieces) or some jalebi.

Bhajia Pav

Recommendation- Dhokla Pav
Timing- 10 am to 8 pm
Location- Seven Bungalows Road, Near Versova Metro

Sai Sandwich Centre

Price should be worth the taste. If you do not mind shelling out some Rs. 60, then you can get yummy and customized cheese chilli toast. You can also get masala cheese sandwich which includes mashed potatoes and onion. This mixture is first fried and then put into the sandwich. Masala sandwich will cost you Rs. 50 which is a good price for the great taste. Other than that, you can also buy simple sandwich and simple veg toast sandwich.

Veg Toast Sandwich

Recommendation- Cheese Chilli Toast
Timing- 12 pm to 10.30 pm
Location- Seven Bungalows Road, Near Versova Metro

Ram Pyare Golewala

In the scorching heat during the peak time, head over to Ram Pyare Golewala to get some iced gola in various flavours. There is the usual meetha gola but if you want to try something different, then have masala gola which comes for Rs. 15. This masala gola has both spicy and sweet ingredients. If you like it cool and spicy then there is teekha gola as well.

4.jpgMasala Gola

Recommendation- Masala Gola
Timing- 12 pm to 4 pm
Location- Seven Bungalows Road, Near Versova Metro

Bhole Nath Bhelpuri

Evening snacks are incomplete unless you head out and have some chaat like pani puri, bhel puri or sev puri. All three of them can be bought for Rs. 25. The speciality of Bhole Nath Bhelpuri Centre is the Dahi Puri. You can ask Mahesh to add some more dahi (curd), sev or anything else that you like.

5.jpgBhel Puri

Recommendation- Dahi Puri
Timing- 4 pm to 10 pm
Location- Seven Bungalows Road, Near Versova Metro

Karim Biryani and Chinese

Karim chacha, as popularly known among the regular customers makes one of the the best Chicken biryani in Andheri. He offers all three of his food items, namely Chinese Biryani, chicken biryani and Chinese noodles as half plate also because the quantity is more than enough for one person. This half plate would cost you only Rs. 50 for each of the items.

Chicken Biryani

Recommendation- Chicken Biryani
Timing- 12 pm to 5 pm
Location- Seven Bungalows Road, Near Versova Metro

Jagdish Badam Shake

From Jagdish you can buy a handful of badaam (almond) shake which is his most sold drink for Rs. 30. You can also buy cashewnut shake and anjeer (figs) shake. These are made in milk and other flavoured ingredients are added which are totally healthy like Rooh Afza on demand. If the summer is hard on you, have some cool almond shake for your body and mind.

7.jpgAlmond shake

Recommendation- Badaam Shake (almond shake)
Timing- 10 am to 6 pm
Location- Seven Bungalows Road, Near Versova Metro

Café Momos

You might not get any coffee or tea at this café, but you will definitely get some finger licking momos here. Paneer fans can get paneer momos for Rs. 60, while non vegetarians are here for a treat who can get chicken momos for just Rs. 50. Veg momos here are for Rs. 70, but they are probably the best. More amazing is the mixture of all this which is a plate of Chinese momos for Rs. 70.  

A plate of veg momos

Recommendation- Chinese Momos
Timing- 4 pm to 9 pm
Location- Seven Bungalows Road, Near Versova Metro

Content and Image Courtesy: Shweta Dahiya




Top Golawalas to try in Mumbai

Mumbai may seem insufferable during summers, but it also offers a perfectsolution to beat the heat – colorful golas balls of ice on a stick, dipped in sweet and sour flavours. Here is a list of some of the best in the city.

Dhanlakshmi Kala Khatta

One of the Mumbai’s bestgola outlet is at Juhu beach, selling most the most innovative flavours. Butterscotch falooda gola is a must try.
Specials: Butterscotch Falooda
Timings: 11 am to 12 am
Landmark: Juhu Beach

Brijwasi Gola Point

Located in Mumbai’s most visited places, Brijwasi has an extensive variety of flavours including kalakhatta, blueberry, butterscotch, orange, green mango, and malai golas. Do try their rose flavour for sure.


Special: Rose Flavoured Gola
Timings: 11 am to 12 am
Special: Rose Flavoured Gola

Raju Golewala

Raju keeps moving around Vashi and you may catch him near your street on a lucky day. His tricolour gola is to die for. The gola he serves is quintessentially a summer delight. Serving flavours like rose, orange squash, his stall is most sought after.


Special: Tricolor Gola
Price: Rs 25 to Rs 50
Landmark: Gaodevi Mandir, Sector 14, Vashi

Eshan Kala Khatta and Ice Cream Centre

Mostly everything at Eshan is good – so try their mix gola to save money. The malai golas are another great option, if in doubt. He might serves you ice cream, but to have colored lips and khatta meetha taste, one must try its green mango and orange squash.


Special: Mix Flavored Gola
Timings: 11am to 12am
Landmark: Juhu Beach

Jai Jawan Stall

Jai Jawan Stall serves fantastic kachchi kaeri (raw mango) flavoured golas. Also provides the most hygienic golas.The stall is open till 12 at night.


Specials: Kachchi Kaeri (raw mango)
Timing: 11 am to 12 am
Landmark: Girgaon Chowpatty

Gola Mount

If you’ve had some spicy food from a nearby stall, come to Gola Mount for their kala khatta gola for dessert. Perfect summer evening.


Special: Kala Khatta

Timing: 11:30 pm to 1 am
Landmark: Charni Road

Sai Kripa Kalakhatta

For a foody evening at Juhu Beach, come and try the butterscotch malai gola – Sai Kripa’s speciality, the shop is open till midnight.


Special: Butterscotch Malai Gola
Timing: 11 am to 12 am
Landmark: Juhu Beach

Bismillah Gola

Every student in Vile Parle must have tried the special golas while visiting Juhu. Bismillah’s special blackcurrant gola is a must try.


Specials: Bismillah Special Blackcurrant Malai Gola
Timings: 11 am to 12 am
Landmark: Juhu Beach

Content and Image Courtesy: Preksha Jain



The 10 top gola stalls in South Mumbai

Gola is a ball of ice, made from grated ice and dipped it flavoured juices, cream, and various toppings.

Girgaun Chowpatty Gola stalls

Girgaun Chowpatty is a famous beach in South Mumbai. This beach is full of street food stalls, attracting foodies from all over the city. Sri Krishna Golewala is one of the most famous gola wala around. Although he has a huge variety to pick from, try their hapus mango flavour for sure.


Speciality: Hapus (Alfonzo) mango flavour
Timings: 2 pm to midnight
Landmark: Girgaun Chowpatty

Mount Gola

Nariman point, one of the most visited locations of Mumbai, has this small stall called, Gola Mount. It offers a variety of golas in rich various flavours, best enjoyed at the stall – as they keep on refilling your glass with flavoured juices.


Speciality: gola and sodas
Timings: 7 pm to 2 am
Landmark: Nariman point Beside Cream centre

Islam Gymkhana Golewala

Islam Gymkhana at Marine Drive gets this fame solely because of this little stall is active for a couple of hours late at night. The stall may look small and modest, but it can beat the best in Mumbai when it comes to taste and quality. The rich and creamy texture of their malai gola and the sweet and sour texture of the various flavours are sure to satisfy your taste buds. Try their refreshing kala khatta, and butterscotch with malai flavour.


Speciality: Butter Scotch Malai gola
Timings: 10 pm till midnight
Landmark: Outside the famous Islam Gymkhana ground

Snackeria Food Hub

Clare road is a shopper’s paradise in Mumbai. The Snackeria food outlet here is quite famous for its lip smacking golas. Prepared in the most hygienic way, their rich juicy golas are a sure delight.

Snackeria Food Hub.jpg

Speciality: special gola tray
Timings: 11 am to 11 pm
Landmark: Clare road, opposite Cotton World

Baby Garden Gola Stall

The golewala in Agripada is a great place for gola lovers because of the yummiest malai golas you get here – topped with refreshing peppermint, it really is the best deal.


Speciality: Golas full of Milkmaid condensed milk, and five flavoured gola
Timings : 11 am to 11 pm
Landmark: Outside Baby garden

Mazgaon circle gola store (Patil Golawala)

The Mazgaon circle is a famous landmark, and so is the gola stall that is just around the circle. Best deals: tangy orange and kala khatta mixed flavoured gola.

patil gola

Speciality: kala khatta flavored crushed gola
Timings : 11 am to 10 pm
Landmark: Mazgaon circle

Park Malai Gola Store

Park malai gola at Shivaji Park in Dadar has been serving world class golas since 40 years. Their rich dry fruit gola is a must try.


Speciality: malai gola
Timings: 11 am to 10 pm
Landmark: Shivaji park

Juhu beach gola stalls – Brijwasi gola point

Juhu beach is another favourite place where Mumbaikars like to go and relax – so it is not surprising to find a good golewalas. Most of the stalls are great and have some unique offering. But Brijwasi gola point serves unusually big and juicier golas.


Landmark: Juhu beach food stalls
Speciality: orange golas
Timings: 12 noon to midnight

Shreeji golewala

Hiranandani towers at sector 10 of Kharghar in Navi Mumbai is becoming famous for the food stalls in the area. Shreeji golewala is one of them, popular as Shreeji Dish golewala because of the way he serves his golasgolas dipped in thick flavoured syrups in a dish. His dry fruits gola attracts foodies from all over Mumbai.


Speciality: dish golas
Timings: 7 pm to midnight
Landmark: Hiranandani towers

Krishna golas

Mira Road is another destination for perfect gola party. Shanti Nagar, a small food hub, has this small stall quite famous among the locals, better known as Krishna Golas. The stall has been around for the past ten years.


Landmark: Shanti Nagar
Speciality: Rose flavour
Timings: 7 pm onwards

Content and Image Courtesy: Saba Ladha



Known for its wholesale markets and thrilling prices, Bhuleshwar is known for one more thing – Khaugalli! This Khaugalli is dominated by the Mathura Group that has five different stalls under the name of Mathura Chat Center. The variety of food available is not only irresistible, but also affordable, where a meal for one would cost about Rs. 100. This Khaugalli usually attracts the shoppers in the area and operates throughout the day to tame the shoppers’ hunger pangs.

Mathura Chat Centre

This stall is situated next to the Pudla Sandwich Stall and offers Pizza for Rs. 40 and Dabeli for Rs. 15.


Time – 10.30am-11pm
Landmark: Bhuleshwar Road, Bhuleshwar, Marine Lines, Mumbai – 400002

Shubham Khichiya

Two brothers run this little stall, where they dish out fresh and crispy Khichiyas by the street in this Khaugalli. Try their Masala Khichiya (Rs.50) and Cheese Masala Khichiya (Rs.65)


Recommendation: Masala Khichiya and Cheese Masala Khichiya
Timings: 10.30 am onwards
Landmark: Bhuleshwar Road, Bhuleshwar, Marine Lines, Mumbai – 400002

Chat Centre

Chaat stalls never fail to be crowded in Mumbai. The one-man army (the owner) at Chaat Centre works with an unbelievable speed to whip up amazing Bhel and Sev Puri. It is the first stall located at the entrance of khaugalli. Try the Sukha Bhel over here for Rs. 15.


Recommendation: Chaat
Time – 10.30 am onwards
Location – Bhuleshwar Road, Bhuleshwar, Marine Lines, Mumbai – 400002

Bhuleshwar Dosa Wala

Situated at the centre of khaugalli, this stall has amazing Idlis, Medu Wadas and varieties of Dosas. Must-tries at this stall are Masala Dosa at Rs.30 and Idli Rs.20


Recommendation: Masala Dosa and Idlis
Timings: 10.30 am onwards
Landmark:  Bhuleshwar Road, Bhuleshwar, Marine Lines, Mumbai – 400002

Dosa Stall Opposite Shubham Khiciya

This stall has the capacity of making ten dosas at a time! They offer almost 45 variants of Dosas. The recommended dosas at this stall are Manchurian Pasta Dosa (Rs.150), Paneer Chilly Dosa (Rs.150) and Jini Dosa (Rs.130).


Recommendation: Dabeli and Pizzas
Time: 10.30 am onwards
Landmark: Bhuleshwar Road, Bhuleshwar, Marine Lines, Mumbai – 400002

Mathura Chat Centre 2

Pudhla Sandwich. Heard of it? It is a sandwich stuffed with onion, capsicum, cheese and tomato. The exciting twist is that the bread is dipped in a gram flour batter and later toasted on the tava. This sandwich is very unique, as compared to the popular varieties of street food that one comes across in Mumbai.


Recommendation:Pudhla Sandwich
Time – 10.30am-11pm
Landmark: Bhuleshwar Road, Bhuleshwar, Marine Lines, Mumbai – 400002

Gola Wala

Feel like a child while destroying your favorite flavor of Gola. It is the second stall from the entrance of khaugalli.

A must stop at this khaugalli when you are wandering in the area.


Recommendation: Gola
Time: 10.30 am onwards
Location: Bhuleshwar Road, Bhuleshwar, Marine Lines, Mumbai – 400002

Content and Image  Courtesy: Monali Shah