Street Food Stalls in Chandni Chowk to reminisce Old Delhi

Old Delhi including Chandni Chowk is known for its heritage of monuments and eating joints that have been here for years. It is the place to head to if you want to know and see the Real Delhi. And Chandni Chowk is the place you must visit to have real street food of Delhi.

Rajesh ke Chole Kulche

For the past 33 years, Rajesh has been making Chole Kulche and selling them at various places in Delhi. His spot outside Chandni Chowk Metro is the 4th one. In a plate of chole kulche which will come for Rs. 20, you will get 2 kulche, chole ki sabzi, a chile, onion and tomato served in a leaf plate.


kulche, chole ki sabzi

Recommendation- Chole Kulche
Timings- 12pm to 5pm
Landmark- Near Hanuman Mandir, Outside Chandni Chowk Metro West

Nathu Ram Kachori Wala

Nathu Ram starts his day right early in the morning at his stall and ends the day at the stall itself. He lives nearby and can make something for you to eat even at 2 am at night if he is awake and at the stall. Buy any of his delicious items like khasta kachori, bread patties or samosa for Rs. 15 each. You can also have something sweet like two pieces of gulab jamun for Rs. 10.


Khasta Kachori

Recommendation-Khasta Kachori
Timings- 6am to 12pm
Landmark- Near Hanuman Mandir, Outside Chandni Chowk Metro West

Anish’s Cheela

Cheela is a dish made of besan and mixed with various ingredients like onion, tomato and paneer if one wishes to. Anish’s cheela has masala aloo too added to it. You will get two cheela for a price of Rs. 40 which you can eat it either as a roll or put into a bread as a sandwich.


Cheela Roll and Cheela Sandwich

Recommendation- Cheela Roll
Timings- 12pm to 10pm
Landmark- Near Hanuman Mandir, Outside Chandni Chowk Metro West

Jalebi and Rabdi

This stall has been here for the past 110 years. Mr. Roop Chand, the current owner has been selling jalebi and rabdi for 30 years now. Ask anybody in Chandni Chowk from where to buy some good jalebi, and they will tell you to head to SP’s. You will get some amazing 100 gm of jalebi for Rs. 40 and equally tasty rabdi for the same amount.



Recommendation- Jalebi
Timings- 9am to 9pm
Landmark- Gurudwara Sisganj Sahib, Chandni Chowk

Shri Shyam Kanji Corner

Dahi Bhalle is a popular dish in Delhi which is many times prepared at home as well. But people coming to Dinesh Kumar’s stall swear that they can never make dahi bhalle like him at home. Buy a plate of dahi bhalle for Rs. 40 and you will know that his taste is unbeatable.


Dahi Bhalle

Recommendation- Dahi Bhalle
Timings- 1pm to 8pm
Landmark- Gurudwara Sisganj Sahib, Chandni Chowk

Hathras ki mashoor thandi Rabdi

What’s better than a ‘thandi rabdi’ to beat the heat? Slurp some sweet rabdi or rabdi falooda here. This thandi rabdi would cost you just Rs. 30 and if you want some extra rabdi with some extra rooh afza flavour and dry fruits, then try rabdi falooda which cost you Rs. 50 which is totally worth the price.


Rabdi topped with dry fruits

Recommendation- Falooda Rabdi
Timings- 11am to 10pm
Landmark- Gurudwara Sisganj Sahib, Chandni Chowk

Bhishan Swaroop Chat Bhandar

Just a look at the preparation of aloo chaat at this stall and you will feel like having it right away. A plate of aloo chaat here will come for Rs. 30 and it has all the ingredients and masala that will probably make you want to buy another plate of aloo chaat just like a few customers here often do.


Preparation of Aloo Chaat

Recommendation-Aloo Chaat
Timings- 11am to 9pm
Landmark- Near Bank of India, Gurudwara Sisganj Sahib, Chandni Chowk

Babu Ram Parathe Wale

Though there are many shops in ‘Parathe wali gali’ in Chandni Chowk but there is something about Babu Ram Parathe wale’s parathas that tell you why it is so difficult to get a seat here. Parathas are favourite street food of Delhiites and they don’t mind eating a plate of paratha even at 11 at night. For probably more than a 100 years, this shop has been here. You can order a plate of mix paratha which is quite delicious for Rs. 80.


A plate of aloo paratha with sabzi, chutney and onion

Recommendation- Mix Vegetable Paratha
Timings- 8am to 11pm
Landmark- Parathe Wale Gali, Near Gurudwara Sisganj Sahib, Chandni Chowk

Content and Image Courtesy: Shweta Dahiya






Andheri Balaji Colony’s Street Food Market

Located near the famous Balaji Office and Yash Raj Studios, this place has become a hub for the creative crowd and provides good food.

Feast Of Momos

Come to this stall for perfect steamed momos. Their shape and size, with ample stuffing keeps attracting more and more people. Their specialty is chicken momos.


Speciality – Chicken Momos
Timings – 9 am to 7pm
Landmark – Balaji Office

Nagori Tea Stall

This chai stall is a sensation amongst the working crowd from the neighbourhood, served with a yummy bun maska.


Speciality – Tea with Bun Maska
Timings – 8 am – 8 pm
Landmark – Balaji Office

Barbecued Rolls

Hot barbecued paneer or chicken pieces are rolled in a wheat or maida based roti (Indian bread). The chicken tikka roll is the most wanted item on the list. Other varieties served are paneer tikka roll, chicken seekh roll, chicken tandoori roll.


Speciality – Chicken tikka roll, Chicken seekh.
Timings – 12:30 am – 10:30 pm
Landmark – Balaji Office

Snacks And Chai

Want to go for some light bites? Snack on a variety of bhajiya and samosa, with a cup of chai. The place is famous for their samosas.


Speciality – Samosas
Timings – 7 am – 9:30 pm
Landmark – Balaji Office

Shree Balaji Dosa Centre

This South Indian street food stall is no less than any posh restaurant in town, when it comes to taste. You get the best food at reasonable prices. Its specialities are jini dosa, gravy dosa, pizza dosa.


Speciality – Jini Dosa, Pizza Dosa
Timings – 9 am – 8 pm
Landmark – Balaji Office

Chaas Vala

Make your hot summer day a little less punishing with the cold chaas at this place. He uses a special masala and indeed his chaas stands apart from the crowd. There’s also lassi, nimboo paani, jal jeera, etc.


Speciality – Masala Chaas
Timings – 9 am – 7 pm
Landmark – Balaji Office

The Chaat Corner

For an extensive range in chaat and paani puri, this is the place to go. Although best known for its paani puri, the place also offers sev puri, dahi puri, etc.


Speciality – Paani Puri, Sev Puri
Timings – 3:30 pm – 7 pm
Landmark – Balaji Office

Radhe Shaam

It’s the most famous stall around the corner. Radhe Shaam serves aloo parathas with a variety of vegetables. The parathas are well stuffed and fulfilling. Their anda burji is also a must try.


Speciality – Aloo Parathas
Timings – 7 am – 8 pm
Landmark – Balaji Office

Content and Image Courtesy: Siddhi Chandra


The food lane at Hypercity Mall, Malad

If you are ever looking for some light meal and don’t want to spend much, come to Interface, Malad. There is great variety and delicious options available.

Aijaaz Bhel

This place serves big portions of fresh bhel. They also sell delicious dhabeli.


Specials: Bhel
Timing: 11:45 am to 10:30 pm
Landmark: Hypercity mall, Malad

Suresh Caterers

They have other branches in the city serving authentic South Indian food. The idli-vada and fried idli are must try items.


Timing: 4 pm to 9 pm
Specials: Idli Vada
Landmark: Hypercity mall, Malad

Anmol Chinese

The ample portions and great taste make it the ultimate food stall around the corner.  People come here for its chicken manchurian rice and noodles. It also serves vegetarian and non-vegetarian soups.


Timing: 10:30 am to 11 pm
Specials: Chicken Manchurian
Landmark: Intelnet, Interface, Malad

Shiv Vada Pav

Their vada pav is famous for its unique taste. It also serves samosas and samosa pav.


Landmark: Intelnet, Interface, Malad
Timing: 7 am to 9 pm
Specials: Samosa Pav, Vada Pav


Husain’s provides a great range of delicious kebabs. They have chicken tikka, chicken kaleji (liver), chicken seekh, everything at Rs 60.


Specials: Chicken Tikka, Chicken Seekh
Timing: 4 pm – 11 pm
Landmark: Hypercity, Malad


Authentic Lucknowi style chicken preparations are served here. They offer slightly offbeat items like chicken samosa and chicken pulav.


Landmark: Intelnet, Interface, Malad
Timing: 7:30 am to 6 pm
Specials: Chicken Samosa, Chicken Pulav

Kachori Vala

Kachoris are their best-selling item. Among other items, they sell bread pakoda, bhajiya, and samosas. They also have a great variety in chutneys, that attracts many people.


Specials: Kachori
Timing: 7 am to 9 pm
Landmark: Intelnet, Interface, Malad

Content and Image Courtesy: SHRISHTI MENON

Maheswari Udyan, Matunga East

Mumbai is full of little nooks and corners where you will find incomparable food in the city (in the world!). One such lane exists opposite Maheshwari Udyaan, by the main road of Matunga Central. This place comes alive in the evening with people who enjoy street food on the actual street and not restaurants. Here you will find toothsome Kebabs, lip smacking Pav Bhaji, luscious Kulfis and more.

Hemuzz & Gopal Food Court

Delightful rolls with spicy, charred vegetables and Paneer topped with fresh salad, sauces and their special blend of masalas. Their Paneer Tikka Roll (Rs. 80) is our favourite.


Recommendation: Paneer Tikka Roll & Tandoori Sabzi Roll
Time: 7pm – 1 am
Landmark: Lane between Bhaudaji Rd & Telang Cross Rd, opposite Maheshwari Udyan, Matunga (E), Mumbai 400019

Late Ganga Singh Parmar

If you thought Masala Papad was the bomb, try Khichia, the elder brother of the Masala Papad. The combination of the warm, slightly thicker papad, topped with fresh onions, tomatoes and lemon juice and some spice will blow your mind!


Recommendation: Masala Khichia & Cheese Masala Khichia
Timings: 7pm – 1 am
Landmark: Lane between Bhaudaji Rd & Telang Cross Rd, opposite Maheshwari Udyan, Matunga (E), Mumbai 400019

Chatai Pav Bhaji

Imagine sitting on a chatai, on the roadside, at one of the busiest roads in Mumbai and eating some delicious Pav Bhaji. Surat nostalgia, much? This buttery, spicy, indulgent plate of Pav Bhaji is an absolute delight.


Time: 7pm – 1 am
Specialty: Pav Bhaji
Landmark: Lane between Bhaudaji Rd & Telang Cross Rd, opposite Maheshwari Udyan, Matunga (E), Mumbai 400019

Om Sai Sandwich

Mumbai’s rasta sandwich is the Rahul Dravid of Mumbai’s street food. There, we said it. Om Sai Sandwich offers many variations such as the Plain Vegetable Sandwich, Cheese Toast Sandwich, and Grilled Sandwich. Try their Samosa Toast (Rs. 30). Samosa + Sandwich = Heaven


Recommendation: Samosa Toast & Cheese Chilli Toast
Timings: 7pm – 1 am
Landmark:  Lane between Bhaudaji Rd & Telang Cross Rd, opposite Maheshwari Udyan, Matunga (E), Mumbai 400019

Gajender Singh Kulfi

A perfect end to a perfect meal is pacifying your sweet tooth. What better than the humble Indian Dessert – Kulfi! Try 10 flavors of homemade kulfi. No kidding, the Super-Duper Kulfi (Rs. 40) is layered with all the available 10 kulfi flavors.


Recommendation: Mango Kulfi & Badam Pista Kulfi
Timings: 7pm – 1 am
Landmark: Lane between Bhaudaji Rd & Telang Cross Rd, opposite Maheshwari Udyan, Matunga (E), Mumbai 400019

Content and Image Courtesy: Mrugank Desai

Khau Galli – Vile Parle

Gopal Krishna Bhel Puri Wala

Gopal Krishna Bhel Puri Wala in the iconic Vile Parle Station Khau Galli has been one of the forerunners in the Mumbai Street Chaat scene. The Ragda Patties here is one of their best sellers. We tried their Sookha Bhel, which makes for a perfect snack during the evening hours. They start off at early noon and are open till 11 p.m. – 12 a.m.


Recommendation: Ragda Patties
Timings: 12 pm to 11 pm
Landmark: Vile Parle Station Khau Galli

Sharma Chaat Bhandaar

Sharma Chaat Bhandaar, in Vile Parle (West) Market, right outside stores called Fashion Fever Forever (F3), the Fashion Hub, offers among the best options for Pani Puris! Imagine how good their Ragda Puris must be, if three in five customers go for them!


Recommendation: Paani Puris
Timings: 12 pm to 11 pm
Landmark: Vile Parle West Market

Chaat Centre

If you walk along the Khau Galli heading onto Bajaj Road, a little away from the Station, you have an old Chaat Centre near the Vishwakarma Baug Hall that opens only in the evenings. The Sev Puri and Bhel Puri here an absolute must have.


Recommendation: Bhel Puri
Timings: 5pm-11pm
Landmark: Near Vishwakarma Baug Hall, Vile Parle West

Chaat Centre

A little farther from Bajaj Road in Vile Parle is a Chaat vendor near the East – West flyover at Dadabhai Road has incredible Pani Puris. Overflowing with the spicy, tasty paani, you pop it into your mouth the explosion of flavors is divine.


Recommendation: Paani Puris
Landmark: Near East – West Flyover at Dadabhai Road

Sagar Fast Food Stall

When the shoppers in Irla are about drop after they’ve shopped, they come over to Sai Sagar Fast Food Stall. Pani Puris are must be tried for the perfect size of their Puris. Although the Ragda Patties or Samosa Chaat are recommended. Apart from Chaats, this place also serves Dosas, Sandwiches, Pizzas and Pav Bhaji.


Recommendation: Ragda Patties or Samosa Chaat
Timings: 11 am to 12 am
Landmark: Irla Market, next to Oscar Alfa


At the edge of the Vile Parle Market is the famous eatery – Khasiyat that serves amazing Parathas dripping with Ghee. Right outside the restaurant premises Chaat is served. The Bhel Puri here is the most popular. This place serves amazing Jain versions of the Chaat as well.


Recommendation: Bhel Puri
Timings: 11 am to 12 am
Landmark: Vile Parle West Market

Ishwarlal Park Chaats

Try the Chaats at the stall outside Ishwarlal Park. The Sev Puri defines chatakdaar and some Sookha Bhel after guarantees a perfect match.


Recommendation: Sev Puri
Timings: Early evening to 10 PM
Landmark: Ishwarlal Park, Vile Parle West

Chit Chat – The Mini Food Court

Right next to the Parle Book Depot in Vile Parle East is Chit Chat – The Mini Food Court that dishes out quick and mouthwatering Chaat. It caters to the students that frequent this place. The Sev Puri is their hottest selling item.


Recommendation: Sev Puri
Timings: 8 am to 10 pm
Landmark: Near Parle Book Depot, Vile Parle East


Content and Image Courtesy: Henna Shah