Alternative Street Food Near Infinity Mall,Andheri West

Shankar Paratha Stall

Are you short on money to go to some fancy restaurant to eat Paranthas? Then head to Shankar’s paratha stall where you will get two parathas, chole ki sabzi, pickle and green chutney. There are three varieties of parathas available here- aloo (potato), gobhi (cauliflower), and onion. Each one of them will cost just Rs. 60.

1.jpgA plate of half two parathas, aloo ki sabzi, chutney and salad

Recommendation– Aloo paratha
Timings– 10 am to 5 pm
Landmark– Opposite Infinity Mall, Andheri West

Rahim’s stall

Chicken biryani available at Rahim’s stall reminds many loyal customers of their home. He is popularly known as Biryani wala among the local people. The taste is such that it can beat the chicken biryanis of expensive restaurants. Head to biryani wala and have a half plate of chicken biryani for just Rs. 50 and full plate for Rs. 80.

ahmed bhai laneChicken Biryani

Recommendation- Chicken biryani
Timings- 12 pm to 4pm
Landmark- Opposite Infinity Mall, Andheri West

Sakshi Stall

Rishi at this stall serves people the perfect lunch of roti (chapatti), rice, biryani, daal, sabzi, and pickle. Imagine having this filling lunch for just Rs. 30. He operates only during the peak lunch hours of 1 pm to 4 pm.

2.jpgLunch special plate- Two Chapatis, rice, sabzi, and onion

Recommendation- Lunch special plate
Timings- 1 pm to 4 pm
Landmark- Opposite Infinity Mall, Andheri West

Mahalaxmi Dosa Centre

Even though this stall says dosa centre, one can get a plate of idli and vada also for Rs. 20 and Rs. 30 respectively. The reason that it is a dosa centre is because one can buy different varieties of dosa ranging from Rs. 30 to Rs. 70. If you are very hungry and want to satisfy your taste buds, then eat Chinese Mysore Masala dosa which is the speciality here. This will cost you Rs. 70, while a simple masala dosa will come for Rs. 35.

Preparation of Masala Dosa

Recommendation- Chinese Mysore Masala Dosa
Timings- 7 am to 8 pm
Landmark- Opposite Infinity Mall, Andheri West

Maurya Super Frankie

Maurya has been making ‘super’ frankies for the past 6 years and recently with demand, he also started making vada pav, samosa pav and Manchurian pav. Yes, he makes manchurian pav also which is indeed a treat for just Rs. 15. But he is famous for his chicken frankie which comes for Rs. 50.

Manchurian Pav

Recommendation- Chicken frankie
Timings-9 am to 9 pm
Landmark- Opposite Infinity Mall, Andheri West

Aman’s Egg Masala Centre

Aman’s special is egg masala which can be bought for Rs. 25. If you are an Egg Bhurji fan, then you must try Aman’s Egg bhurji which will cost you just Rs. 15. Other than that one also has options of egg roll and paneer roll.

Omelette Pav

Recommendation- Egg masala
Timings- 10 am to 10 pm
Landmark- Opposite Infinity Mall, Andheri West

SK Yadav stall

SK Yadav came from Bihar 11 years ago and since then he has extended his street food business to various food items. Initially he served puri sabzi which is still the most popular and rice plate. The puri sabzi comes for just Rs. 25 in which you get 8 pieces of puri, sabzi and pickle. Later he started to make vada pav, samosa pav and bhajia pav with the help of his wife.

Puri Bhaji

Recommendation- Puri Sabz
Timings- 10 am to 4 pm
Landmark- Opposite Citi Mall, Near Infinity Mall, Andheri West

Sanjay Sandwich

Is simple sada sandwich your taste? No ‘mirch-masala’ but a sandwich that is tasty and healthy? Then ask Sanjay to make a veg toast sandwich for you which will cost you Rs. 25. You can also get a veg sada sandwich and ask him to add anything if you like.

Veg Toast Sandwich topped with sev

Recommendation- Veg sandwich toast
Timings- 9 am 10 pm
Landmark- Opposite Citi Mall, Near Infinity Mall, Andheri West

Content and Image Courtesy:Shweta Dahiya






Ten Places for Street Food in Borivali

Bipin Sandwich

Hidden in Premnagar area, Bipin’s Sandwich is paradise for sandwich lovers, and operates from the living room of a tiny ground floor flat. Bipin’s Sandwich offers pizzas, paninis, and a wide variety of sandwiches loaded with cheese.


Recommendation: Cheese corn Panini
Landmark: Premnagar


From tangy chaat to delicious dosas, and buttery pav bhaji, Foodbites has it all. Located in Shimpoli area of Borivali, Foodbites is your destination for  and lots more. The prices are reasonable and the food is hygienic.And if you are looking for some season appropriate food for summers, Foodbites has special chilled bhel on offer.


Recommendation: chilled bhel,cheese masala dosa
Landmark: Shimpoli Area


Valankali is actually ten minutes from Borivali, in the neighbouring suburb of Dahisar. It is a nameless blue cart just outside the Honda Showroom on J.S. Road. The owner is a smiling woman, popularly known as ‘Aunty’, who likes the stall to be called Valankali . Aunty serves fresh and hot bread cutlets, dal vadas, vada pavs, and moong dal bhajiyas and also takes great care to maintain cleanliness and hygiene at the cart.


Recommendation: Dal Vada
Landmark: Blue cart just outside the Honda Showroom on J.S. Road

Pooja Malai Gola

The Malai Gola at Pooja Malai Gola on Chandavarkar Road is the stuff of dreams. Approximately the size of a palm, this malai gola is dressed in layers of multiple flavours along with breadcrumbs and dry fruits. Perfect summer dessert!

pooja gola

Recommendation: Malai Gola
Landmark: Chandavarkar Road,Borivali

Harbole Dabeli

Right opposite Gokul Hotel on Rokadia Lane, there is a tiny food cart with prices written in chalk. Harbole Dabeli has fed more than a generation yet the taste remains the same spicy and sweet one.


Recommendation: Special Dabeli
Landmark: Opposite Gokul Hotel on Rokadia Lane

Dashrath Sandwiches

Another popular food cart on Chandavarkar Road, Dashrath Sandwiches offers an exciting range of sandwiches. The cart is easy to spot as it is on the crossroads, and is always teeming with customers. Cheese grills to paneer grills, they serve it all.

dashrath sandwich 1

Recommendation: paneer grill Sandwich
Landmark: Chandavarkar Road

Mangesh Vada Pav

Mangesh Vada Pav has two outlets in Borivali – one, next to the railway station and the other next to Rajmahal Hotel.crunchy Samosas and lipsmacking vada pavs can be found only at Mangesh Vada Pavs.

magesh vada pav

Recommendation: Vada Pavs
Landmark: Next to the railway station


Pipasa is Borivali’s go-to place for sweet chilled lassi or icy kulfi on a hot summer day. The place is always brimming with people. Fortunately, the service is real fast – always a plus point.


Recommendation: Mango Lassi
Landmark: Near Railway station

Dilkhush Dabeli

Dilkhush Dabeli, next to Rajmahal Hotel, will make your heart leap with joy because of the burst of flavours that will thrill your taste buds. Dilkhush Dabeli aapka dil khush kar degi!

dhabeli 2

Recommendation: Dabeli,
Landmark: next to Rajmahal Hotel

B.K.M. Masala Papad

Another stall on Chandavarkar Road, B.K.M. Masala Papad is quite popular among the Gujarati  community in the area. Their special mix of masala is a crowd-puller.


Recommendation: Masala Papad
Landmark: Chandavarkar Road, B.K.M

Content and Image Courtesy: Maitryee Mhatre


Known for its wholesale markets and thrilling prices, Bhuleshwar is known for one more thing – Khaugalli! This Khaugalli is dominated by the Mathura Group that has five different stalls under the name of Mathura Chat Center. The variety of food available is not only irresistible, but also affordable, where a meal for one would cost about Rs. 100. This Khaugalli usually attracts the shoppers in the area and operates throughout the day to tame the shoppers’ hunger pangs.

Mathura Chat Centre

This stall is situated next to the Pudla Sandwich Stall and offers Pizza for Rs. 40 and Dabeli for Rs. 15.


Time – 10.30am-11pm
Landmark: Bhuleshwar Road, Bhuleshwar, Marine Lines, Mumbai – 400002

Shubham Khichiya

Two brothers run this little stall, where they dish out fresh and crispy Khichiyas by the street in this Khaugalli. Try their Masala Khichiya (Rs.50) and Cheese Masala Khichiya (Rs.65)


Recommendation: Masala Khichiya and Cheese Masala Khichiya
Timings: 10.30 am onwards
Landmark: Bhuleshwar Road, Bhuleshwar, Marine Lines, Mumbai – 400002

Chat Centre

Chaat stalls never fail to be crowded in Mumbai. The one-man army (the owner) at Chaat Centre works with an unbelievable speed to whip up amazing Bhel and Sev Puri. It is the first stall located at the entrance of khaugalli. Try the Sukha Bhel over here for Rs. 15.


Recommendation: Chaat
Time – 10.30 am onwards
Location – Bhuleshwar Road, Bhuleshwar, Marine Lines, Mumbai – 400002

Bhuleshwar Dosa Wala

Situated at the centre of khaugalli, this stall has amazing Idlis, Medu Wadas and varieties of Dosas. Must-tries at this stall are Masala Dosa at Rs.30 and Idli Rs.20


Recommendation: Masala Dosa and Idlis
Timings: 10.30 am onwards
Landmark:  Bhuleshwar Road, Bhuleshwar, Marine Lines, Mumbai – 400002

Dosa Stall Opposite Shubham Khiciya

This stall has the capacity of making ten dosas at a time! They offer almost 45 variants of Dosas. The recommended dosas at this stall are Manchurian Pasta Dosa (Rs.150), Paneer Chilly Dosa (Rs.150) and Jini Dosa (Rs.130).


Recommendation: Dabeli and Pizzas
Time: 10.30 am onwards
Landmark: Bhuleshwar Road, Bhuleshwar, Marine Lines, Mumbai – 400002

Mathura Chat Centre 2

Pudhla Sandwich. Heard of it? It is a sandwich stuffed with onion, capsicum, cheese and tomato. The exciting twist is that the bread is dipped in a gram flour batter and later toasted on the tava. This sandwich is very unique, as compared to the popular varieties of street food that one comes across in Mumbai.


Recommendation:Pudhla Sandwich
Time – 10.30am-11pm
Landmark: Bhuleshwar Road, Bhuleshwar, Marine Lines, Mumbai – 400002

Gola Wala

Feel like a child while destroying your favorite flavor of Gola. It is the second stall from the entrance of khaugalli.

A must stop at this khaugalli when you are wandering in the area.


Recommendation: Gola
Time: 10.30 am onwards
Location: Bhuleshwar Road, Bhuleshwar, Marine Lines, Mumbai – 400002

Content and Image  Courtesy: Monali Shah







Dava Bazaar in South Mumbai is famous for medical and scientific instruments. But it should also be famous for its street food. Ranging from Pizzas to Chole Bhature to Kachoris, the options are endless!

Prahlad Patties Centre

This patties centre has been selling Aloo Patties, Sabudana Vada, Puri Bhaji, Aloo Vada, etc. for over 42 years!


Recommendation: Aloo Patties at Rs.36

Kutch ki Mashoor Dabeli Centre

Do not miss the opportunity of having a Pizza on the streets of Mumbai. Tomato, onion, capsicum, sauce and cheese – these words are music to a Pizza lover. As the name suggests, they also serve Dabelis and Dabeli Bhel.


Recommendations: Veg Cheese Pizza at Rs. 40

Chole Bhature

This unnamed stall is set up by 12:30 pm, everyday and serves Bhatura and Chole for an unbelievable price. You may have to wait in case you get here before 12.30 pm.


Recommendation: Chole Bhature at Rs. 20

Shekhar’s Dahi Vade

Enticement has an all-new meaning when you see the soft Dahi Vada and silky white curds arranged in the shape of a mountain. This stall also sells chaat but a plate of Dahi Vada is what one should go for.


Recommendation: Dahi Vada at Rs. 40


Uday’s Chaat Stall

To get over your chaat cravings, head to Uday’s Chaat Stall to try Samosa Chaat, Kachori Chaat and all the other kinds of chaats that you fancy. Get a generous serving at pocket-friendly prices.


Recommendation: Kachori Chaat at Rs. 25


Rajasthan ka Prasidh Masala Khichiya Papad Centre

This stall sells crispy khichiyas, several types of papads and papad bhel. What else does one need? Extremely easy your pocket and an amazing snack!


Recommendation: Masala Khichiya at Rs. 30

Nimboo Pani

What better than Nimboo Paani, Nimbu Soda and other flavored sodas to accompany your lunch or snacks!


Recommendation: Nimbu Soda at Rs.25


Content and Image Courtesy: Akshay & Aaditya