Best Street food stalls near Hinduja College, Charni Road.


College students and office goers around Charni Road have been living off the street food since decades. The food is the story here and attracts many from the city.

Raju Sandwich

This business has been around for about 40 years, and the trust has only grown. Raju Sandwich wala still sells a sandwich for as low as Rs 20, while maintaining the quality. The most popular sandwich is Cheese Chilly toast for Rs 35. You also get aaloo and sev complimentary.


Recommendation: Cheese Chilly toast
Timings: 10am-10pm

Star Roll Frankie

Sikander Sheikh Abbas, lovingly known as Raju Bhai among students from Hinduja college, sometimes offer a free frankie to students without being asked for. His frankies are much bigger and fulfilling than many fancier places, and come at reasonable rates of Rs 20 – his special frankie and the most expensive at just Rs 60. You can catch his brothers and cousins running the frankie business in other parts of Mumbai, for example, near Burhani College in Byculla, Kalyan, Marine Lines, Wadala and Sion.


Recommendation: special frankie
Timings: 10am-10pm

SP Tank Pizza

How about a pizza for as low as Rs 20? Ask the people surrounding Mukesh, they would swear to the quality and taste. Although five years in the business, he still manages to sell a small cheese pizza at Rs 20, and a large at Rs 30. No prizes for guessing that it is a hit among the college students and office goers in the area.


Recommendation: Cheese pizza
Timings: 10am-10pm

CP Tank Pasta

Ajit has been working in the area for the past five years making pastas that cost from Rs 100 to Rs 250. Unless you are starving, the portions are big enough to be shared by two people. The most popular item on menu is orange pasta. You can ask for an extra topping of cheese.


Recommendation: Orange pasta
Timings: 10am-10pm


You will have to go a little further from Hinduja College to find our man, Raju, who specalizes in making khamni. The delicacy for just Rs 10 is sufficient enough to be your lunch. He uses the same batter that’s used for dhoklas, so it really light on your stomach.


Recommendation: Khamni
Timings: 10am-10pm

Content and Image Courtesy : Shweta Dahiya


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