5 Best street food stalls on Linking Road.

For those looking for inexpensive joints during shopping trips, here is a guide to some of the best eateries in and around Bandra.

Quality Picnic

Don’t let the big red sweets banner or the grocery look confuse you, Quality Stores is synonymous with frankies. If you are a franky-lover, you need to drop by and taste the various options and combinations on offer. Fastest selling items on the board are their Paneer Schezwan Cheese Franky and Chicken Franky.

quality picnic

Recommendation: Chicken Franky
Landmark: Linking Road, Bandra

Jai Jawan

Jai Jawan has just seven options on the menu, but each worth trying. The fish fry is crisp from outside and juicy inside, their prawns masala has prawns done just well enough, and the bright red chicken tikkas are tender and succulent . Each plate comes with a complimentary side of spicy green chutney and onion salad. The portions are generous and you will most probably need the help of a friend to finish a plate.
They are priced at Rs 170 per plate , but you can order the dishes weight wise as well for big parties and get-togethers

jai jawan

Recommendation: Chicken tikkas, Fish Fry
Landmark: Linking Road, Bandra

ELCO Veg Restaurant

Although popular with Hill road shoppers for its chaat, Elco’s pani puri and the sugarcane juice are the real deal. The eatery is so famous that the area is now popularly known as Elco, rather than Hill Road. They used to have outside seating on the footpath earlier, which had to go because of BMC rules. The staff is friendly and efficient, which adds to the experience.


Recommendation: Pani Puri
Landmark: Linking Road, Bandra


Although there are a number of joints on Carter road offering shawarmas, Eataeria tops the list with the juiciest and the best of all. The price range is also quite reasonable, starting from Rs 90.Although Eataeria offers many more options , shawarma is what gathers the most amount of crowd. Just off the shopping hub, the place also gives you a break from the chaos.


Recommendation: shawarmas
Landmark: Carter road, Bandra

Nature’s Nectar Van

The area has recently flooded with many food trucks, but Mrs Thakkar has been around for the past 18 years. All the food on sale is homemade, prepared by Mrs Thakkar, and is particularly delish. The variety of soups that are served are a combination of ingredients prepared either for diabetic patients, blood pressure or other ailments; costing Rs 50 per bowl.  Many ofher customers happen to visit after their morning or evening walks for a glass of bitter gourd juice which claims to have a good effect on the body if consumed in the morning. The juices  (pomegranate, green apple, kiwi juice, lime juice, etc.) are priced at Rs 60. However, if you still need that little sweet at the end of the day then they do serve you with Brownies and Cookies as well.

natures necter

Recommendation: pomegranate juice
Landmark: Carter Road, Bandra

Content and Image Courtesy: Shrishti Menon



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