Snack and drink in South Bombay

There’s a reason why ‘townies’ are infamous for not going anywhere outside of ‘town’ for anything. Well, can’t blame them, can you! Whether it is a 9-5-office-goer or a college student, one can find great food in the hidden by-lanes of Ballard Pier to the open beachfront of Chowpatty. Let’s look at the various street food options available for the townies and the townies at heart.

Bhel near Chowpatty

Sahir Khan has been selling bhel for 12-13 years. Look for an Aarey Stall at the above location and you will Sahir work his magic on the spicy, tangy bhel for just Rs.20.


Recommendation: Bhel
Landmark: Opposite Bachelor’s, Near Chowpatty, Girgaum

Chana Chaat near Chowpatty

If you’re looking for a healthier fix, then try Ishraa Ali’s Chickpeas or Chana Chaat opposite Bachelorr’s near Chowpatty, Girgaum. This lip-smacking combination of chana, ginger-garlic paste, tomatoes, onions and some chillies is not only delicious but also healthy.


Recommendation: Chana Chaat
Landmark: Opposite Bachelor’s, Near Chowpatty, Girgaum

Sandwich at Charni Road Station

An unnamed stall with quite the fan following, handled by a man named Yatin, says that he has been working here for close to 10 years. The Veg Grilled Sandwich is the apparent favorite, followed by Cheese Grilled, Veg Burger and Veg Patties.


Recommendation: Veg Grilled Sandwich
Landmark: Charni Road Station

Sugarcane Juice, Mumbai University

This Sugarcane Juice Stall has been at the above location for over 20 years, serving freshly squeezed sugarcane juice in three sizes – Tall (Rs.10), Extra Tall (Rs.15) and the Jumbo (Rs.20).


Recommendation: Sugarcane Juice
Landmark: Mumbai University

Sookha Bhel, Mumbai University

Another healthy option for the health conscious would be Chana Chor Masala or Sookha Bhel, that too for just Rs. 10. One can also try the Sheng (Peanuts) Masala or the Chana Masala.



Recommendation: Sookha Bhel
Landmark: Opposite Mumbai University

Nimbu Pani, Motwani Road

Enroute Kalaghoda, is this Nimbu Paani stall at the corner of Motwani Road, with a display of fresh lemons. A fresh glass of Nimbu Paani is ready in less than 2 minutes, for only Rs.10 per glass. Another healthy, option for people who prefer natural foods to aerated drinks.


Recommendation: Nimboo Paani
Landmark: Motwani Road

Mother Mary Juice Centre, Kalaghoda

Mother Mary Juice Centre is nothing short of a blessing if you’re in the area and looking for something to quench your thirst. With options ranging from Masala Thumbs Up (Rs.25), Masala Soda (Rs.20) to the classic Mosambi Juice (Rs.35), Mother Mary Juice Centre is a stone’s throw away from the iconic, Rhythm House in Kalaghoda.


Recommendation: Mosambi Juice
Landmark: Kala Ghoda

Sev Puri, Kalaghoda

Opposite the store, Chumbak is a Sev Puri Stall, which churns out Sev Puris like a set of Sev Puri Machines. For 20 Rupees, a plate of Sev Puri with 6 puris, topped with potatoes, chutneys and sev and garnished with lemon and some chaat masala, is a very good option for an evening snack. Also try Bhel (Rs.25) and Chana (Rs.15)


Recommendation: Sev Puri
Landmark: Opposite Chumbak or Near Fab India

Content and Image courtesy- Amisha Ranka & Dhruv Shah


3 thoughts on “Snack and drink in South Bombay

  1. Many places missed out. Khau Gali at Cross Maidan, near SNDT,Chole Bature at.A Road Churchgoers,
    Juice Center at Mahalaxmi
    Sardar Paav Bhaji


    1. Hi,

      We appreciate your feedback.You can also contribute to the blog.
      Our mission is cover the best of streetfood across Mumbai.


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